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Mineral Processing Equipment
Mining Equipment

The mining equipment is included coal mining, metallic and non-metallic mineral mining equipment, it covers the equipment used in different mining methods, open cast, vertical shaft, underground and inclined shaft.

Mineral process equipment is mainly crushing equipment, screening equipment, grinding equipment, separating equipment, drying equipment, thickening equipment and filters.

Chemical equipment

Metallurgical Equipment

Coking equipment (coke oven), gasification equipment, titanium dioxide producing equipment, sulfuric acid producing equipment, titanium tetrachloride producing equipment, fertilizer producing equipment etc.

Metallurgical equipment is included sintering equipment, pelletizing equipment, iron making equipment, steel making equipment, rolling equipment, ferroalloy smelting equipment, ect

Environmental Equipment

Energy Equipment

The equipment used in environmental protection industry to treat waste water, dust, tail gas, solid waste, and urban waste.

Energy equipment is included power generation equipment, like turbine, generator, and power transmission equipment, like transformer, reactor, etc.

General Equipment

Spares & parts

Spares & parts are included sieve plate, coupling, bearing, grate bar, lining plate, etc.

General equipment is that can be used commonly in different industries, like motor, pump valve, conveyor, elevator, etc.