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Mining & ore dressing process are various when minerals are different and depends on mineral deposit and economic factors as well. Generally, it includes coal, metal ore, non-metal ore and rare earth mining and processing.
metallurgical engineering
The metallurgical engineering we are focusing on are basically ferrous, non-ferrous, ferroalloy and rare earth metallurgy.
chemical engineering

The chemical engineering includes various chemicals generation, coal chemical and fertilizer producing.

refractory material & kiln engineering
Refractory materials are common but important material widely used in different industries, we are competent to provide various refractory material production engineering and different kilns process for refractory materials. 
environmental engineering
The environmental engineering is to dispose industrial waste: waster water treatment, flue gas treatment, solid waste treatment.
energy engineering
The energy engineering is mainly focus on power energy, including power generation, power transmission & transformation.