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Projects reference

36000 TPA high titanium slag plant project in Odisha state, India.

Turn key project mode, HPWY provide whole plant, production process design, equipment, erection & installation, commissioning, production training, ect.

100000 TPA clean type heat recovery coke oven project in west Bengal state, India.

Provide coke oven design, supply all refractories bricks, coke oven erection & construction supervision and technical guidance. This coke oven was completed and started production in 2008, it has be running for over 10 years till now.

1,5000 TPA anatase titanium dioxide pigment plant project in Gujarat state in India.

We provide process design, key equipment in the process, project installation, technical guidance and commissioning. The project completed and started production in 2018.

1,000,000 TPA iron mine shaft sinking project in Ordisha state, India.

Turnkey project mode, we provide shaft sinking design, all equipment and material, construction and installation, commissioning. The project completed in 2013.