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The mining process are various when minerals are different, generally it includes coal mining, metal mineral mining and non-metal mineral mining. The mining methods being chosen not only depends on mineral type, but also the mineral deposit, economic, the equipment. HPWY can provide mining analysis, process design and engineering service for coal including opencast mining and underground mining.
Ore dressing
Ore dressing is the process of separating commercially valuable minerals from their ores. HPWY is professional ore dressing solution provider for coal washing, metal ore dressing, rare earth dressing. The separating process we can provide: low-intensity magnetic separation, high-intensity magnetic separation, flotation separation, flocculating flotation separation, gravity dressing and electric separation.
Rare earth separation
The rare earth process from raw ore to high valued rare earth material includes rare earth ore dressing and rare earth concentrate decomposition.
Coal washing
Coal washing is the process of transition from raw coal to clean, it is the indispensable process in coal processing industry. HPWY can provide jigging process coal washing and and fluidized bed process coal washing.